-3D DESIGN:  Based on an initial design provided by the client, a 3D design of the piece to be manufactured is made.

-PROTIPED FAST:  The generated 3D design is subjected to a rapid prototyping process, which results in a TRIDEMENSIONAL model of the designed piece, ready for reproduction.

-LOW FUSION:  The 3D model is subjected to a casting process or mold of vulcanized for low melting, in order to get a piece in metal. From the original metal model, you can obtain all the copies that the client wishes.

-INJECTION IN ZAMAK: We are manufacturers of all types of zamak pieces since we manufacture the pieces to the measure of our clients starting from the plane or design of the piece.
Parts made by zamak injection have many applications and also support a wide variety of surface finishes, such as various galvanic coatings or paint.

-MOLD DESIGNS: When the client accepts the budget and orders the mold, we draw, with the help of a CAD program, the different parts that make up the mold, and once all the design of the mold is done, the plates are machined to obtain the figure of the piece of zamak to be made. The preparation process of the mold is, depending on its complexity, from 2 to 4 weeks. 

-PRODUCTION: We take care of the design and manufacture of molds (dies) for the zamak injection as part of the manufacturing process of customized pieces by injection. Therefore we do not contemplate the design or the manufacture of molds in isolation if later we are not going to take care of the rest of the manufacturing process of the piece.


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